Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura is a history theme park highlighting the Edo Period, one of the most attractive era in Japanese history. Step back in time to enjoy traditional games, activities, theaters, street performances and more. The charm of ancient Japan is abundant as you mingle with the Ninja and Oiran courtesans so symbolic of the Edo Period.

What is Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura?

Edo Period (1603~1867) was the time when Japan was under the Tokugawa shogunate. After the Age of Wars when local warlords struggled with one another, the peaceful times continued for more than 250 years. That made the life of citizens stable and developed business, manufacturing, the arts and entertainments.
By restricting the trades with foreign countries, the unique cultures based on the Japanese climates flourished and the urban life of citizens dramatically developed. Thus Edo became one of the biggest cities in the world with a population of more than 1 million.

Attractions 芝居 Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Feature Attractions

【 Theaters 】


【 The Ninja Show on Kasumi Ninja House 】

History's famous Ninja is the star of Kasumi Ninja House, where you can relive the exciting times of the Ninja through the action show.

What is the Ninja?

They were secret agents active from the age of Wars to the Edo period. They had skills called “Ninjyutsu”, such as the martial arts, special knowledge, accomplishments to carry out their masters’ commands with special tools. There were various schools of Ninja and followers took over those skills.


【 The OiranShow on Japanese Culture Theater 】

The Japanese Culture Theater specializes in human dramas featuring audience participation. Come and marvel at the dazzling depictions of Edo social life: the flashy Oiran concubines, the merrymaking, the spectacle.

What is the Oiran?

They are top-ranked courtesans at Yoshiwara, the official red-light district.
It’s believed that there were several thousands of courtesans at the golden age, but only a few of them could be “oiran”, who has excellence at arts and cultures not only at their beauty. “Oiran Docyu”, a procession of an oiran and her attendants, was a good and rare opportunity for the common people to see her who was beyond their reach.


【 The Samurai Show on 0-Edo Theater in Winter 】

This winter-limited show presents a cool swordplay of Samurais. Please enjoy the historical comedy with new sense, which is a harmony of humor and Samurai’s noble spirit called “Bushi-Do.”

What is the Samurai?

They are also called “Bushi” and belonged to the upper class in Edo period. Putting swords on around their waists and having their hair done up in a topknot, they acquired martial arts and served their masters. Also they played a major role in fighting in wars.

【 Things to Experience 】

  • 【 Utsuroi-Kan 】

    Transform yourself into a prince or princess in the beautiful robes and kimonos! Enjoy a photo session as if you were a peasant or villager back in Edo.

  • 【 Yugi-Kan 】

    Blow darts,quoits,bean bag tosses,lottery tickets,dice games and much more fun for kids! But,adults can relive their childhood days and enjoy all of the fun as well!

  • 【 Practice Dojo 】

    Become a Ninja yourself when you train in the Practice Dojo! Throw fighting stars,arrows or play games such as quoits and bean bag tosses. Try your luck with a Japanese lottery ticket and win prizes! There is fun for everyone in the family.

  • 【 O-nyanko Cat Temple 】

    This is a peaceful temple housing a giant gold lucky cat statue...or is it?? Legend has it this is just a clever disguise to hide the real residents of this “haunted”temple. Come and see for yourself.

  • 【 House of Ghosts and Monsters 】

    Amaze at the displays of figures and tricks showcasing some of Japan’s oldest and scariest ghouls.

  • 【 Ninja Maze 】

    Could you be a Ninja? Can you escape from this maze full of tricks and traps? Come and test your skills.


【 Photo Spot 】

  • 【 Otemon Gate 】

  • 【 Merchant’s Lane 】

  • 【 Matsuga Pond 】


【 Photo Spot 】

  • 【 Otemon Gate 】

  • 【 Merchant Street 】

  • 【 Matuga Pond 】

  • 【 Inari Shrine 】

  • 【 Fire Watchtower(observatory) 】

  • 【 Katakura Residence 】

  • 【 Studio 】

  • 【 Nyanmage 】

Restaurant&Shops 食事・土産 Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura Restaurant & Shops Details

【 Manpuku-Tei 】満腹亭

This restaurant caters to popular tastes, serving classic Japanese Soba and Udon Noodles and Rice dishes. Here you can savor a taste of Old Edo by partaking of a cup of sake with your noodles. The restaurant also serves non-alcoholic drinks such as juice and coffee.

Tempura with Soba Noodles

【 Pekin-Tei 】北京亭

There are many "Ramen" Chinese noodles restaurants across Japan, but Jidaimura's Pekin-Tei is undoubtedly unique. We offer both miso and soy sauce (Shoyu) base soups, so you can choose your favorite. Our Grilled rice ball and gyoza dumpling side dishes are also both popular.

"Ramen" Chinese Noodles

【 Waraji-ya 】わらじ屋

People in Edo all love Dango Dumplings! Choose from four flavors and enjoy its homemade taste while strolling about the Edo town. It will satisfy both your stomach and feelings.

Large Dango Dumplings

【 Komachi Sweet Shop 】甘味処小町

Cool in summer, warm in winter, our typical Japanese confectionery suits each of the four seasons. Come and enjoy Japanese-style tea time.

GreenTea with Japanese Confectionery

【Teashop BONTEN】茶屋ぼんてん

Various drink, soft ice cream, and snacks are served at this take-out teashop placed side by side with a free rest house. It is also near by the theaters, and convenient for taking a break during play-seeing.

Soft Ice Cream(Green Tea Flavor)

【 Fukutoku-Ya 】福得屋

Here you will find mascot character Nyanmage goods, mock swords that feel as heavy as real swords, Shuriken(throwing stars), and other Ninja goods, key rings and a wide variety of Japanese little trinkets.

Original or Novelty Goods

【 Nanamanseki (mochi and dumplings) 】七万石

Nyanmage cookies and famous Oiran Dango (dumplings), not to mentions other delicious sweets like Treasure Coin Cookies can be found here.

Souvenir Sweets

【 Horai-Ya (rice cracker shop) 】宝来屋

Choose from a variety of sea weed, shoyu-glazed, sugar coated or spicy rice crackers. You must be into their pleasant smells and crispy texture.

Various Crackers

【 Hokkaido-Bijin 】北海道美人

Relax your body and make your skin smooth and soft with original lavender products from Furano Herb Hill. These products will turn you into a "Hokkaido Beauty!"

Natural Skin Care Products

Admission 料金 General Admission to Park and Performances

General Admission


※Reception is closed at an hour before park closing time.

※There are a few maintenance days in winter.
※About the next closed day, please check here.

※About the size or fees of storage lookers, please check here.


*65 or older with proof of age.
*Special discount rates cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

School Groups


*Aids need to pay admission fee of 1800 yen per person as well as show their certificate. *Special discount rates cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

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Donan Bus
JR hokkaido

【 Access to the Park 】

・Noboribetsu Higashi IC
→ Drive toward the direction of Noboribetsu Onsen
→ Turn left at the sign of "登別伊達時代村".
・Travel Time / approx. 3 minutes

・Noboribetsu Onsen → ①Noboribetsu Jidaimura or ②Sanai Byoin Mae(Walk 10 minutes)
・Fare / approx. 200 yen
・Travel Time / approx. 10 minutes

Time Schedule

・Fare / approx. 1,700 yen
・Travel Time / approx. 10 minutes

・Noboribetsu Station → ①Noboribetsu Jidaimura or ②Sanai Byoin Mae(Walk 10 minutes)
・Fare: approx. 200 yen
・Travel Time / approx. 8 minutes

Time Schedule

・Taxi stand at Station
・Fare / approx. 1,000 yen
・Travel Time / approx. 5 minutes

Area Guide 登別 Noboribetsu Area Guide